Ginna Shen

This is an amazing website I found the best affordable and good dog and me and my family couldn’t be happier. They were very helpful…

Columbus, GA


Gale Mart

My husband and I had an amazing experience, the communication was excellent. The Dachshund puppy we adopted is so precious and we keep in touch…

Jacksonville, FL


Nathalie Tracy

Very pleased with the entire Very pleased with the entire experience with Bluefield. We have the perfect dog for us and they met every expectation…

Dallas, TX


Lian Hen

This was the easiest, most organized, and convenient way to purchase our new Dachshund furry family member. We are so pleased! They made the arrangements…

Birmingham, AL


Yash Reon

I am very pleased with my experience. This is the very first time purchasing a puppy online and purchasing a purebred Dachshund  (with papers) dog.…

Columbus, OH


Miller Smith

Happy healthy pup! The experience from start to finish with this puppy was ” Spot” on. They did exactly what they promised when they promised.…

Greensboro, NC


Robert Louis

VERY happy with Blue Field! VERY happy with Blue Field! This is not a puppy mill. Blue Field CARES about their dogs. Would and will…

Minneapolis, MN


Patricia Robert

Everything went smoothly and my Everything went smoothly and my puppy was healthy and what I expected. She is a fantastic new family member and…

Charlotte, NC


Emmanuel Charles

ok l truly recommend puppy ok l truly recommend Bluefield l think buying a puppy from them if you want to have a healthy their…

Dallax, TX


Kesher Kelner

In love! We love our puppy! He is soooooo sweet!! He is also a beautiful dog. And very smart! The only reason I am not…

Cincinnati, OH

Cream Dapple Dachshund Puppies for sale

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