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akc dachshund breeders

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If you’re in search of a Dachshund puppy, we understand the importance of finding a reputable breeder. Working with a certified AKC Dachshund breeder can ensure your puppy’s health and temperament, as well as provide the necessary documentation for their pedigree.

In this section, we’ll guide you on how to find the top AKC Dachshund breeders in the US and why choosing a certified breeder is crucial for your new furry friend.

akc dachshund breeders

Key Takeaways:

Choosing a reputable AKC Dachshund breeder is essential for a healthy and well-tempered puppy.
AKC certified breeders provide assurance of health and genetic testing, proper socialization, and proper documentation of your puppy’s pedigree.
Thorough research and visiting potential breeders are key in finding the perfect Dachshund puppy for you.

Why Choose AKC Registered Dachshund Breeders?

When it comes to finding the perfect Dachshund puppy, selecting a reputable breeder is essential. AKC registered Dachshund breeders are certified by the American Kennel Club, which ensures they adhere to strict guidelines in terms of breeding practices and puppy care. Here are some reasons why you should choose an AKC registered Dachshund breeder:

Assurance of health and genetic testing: AKC registered breeders are required to screen their breeding dogs for hereditary health issues, which reduces the risk of genetic disorders in their puppies. You can rest assured that your Dachshund puppy will be healthy and free from any genetic defects.
Proper socialization: AKC registered breeders are committed to socializing their puppies from an early age. This includes introducing them to different people, animals, and environments, which helps the puppies develop into well-adjusted, confident, and obedient adult dogs.
Pedigree documentation: AKC registered Dachshund breeders provide documented proof of their puppies’ lineage, which assures you of the dog’s purebred status and gives you essential information about their ancestry.
Choosing an AKC registered breeder ensures that you are working with a responsible and experienced breeder who is committed to breeding healthy and happy Dachshund puppies.

AKC Dachshund Breeders

“AKC registered Dachshund breeders are committed to breeding healthy and happy puppies while adhering to the highest standards of breeding practices. “
Finding the Best AKC Dachshund Breeders
Looking for the best AKC Dachshund breeders can be overwhelming, but with a little research, you can find the perfect puppy for you and your family. Here are some tips to help you locate the top breeders:

Start by researching online directories that specialize in AKC registered breeders. These directories can provide you with a list of breeders in your area and their contact details.
Contact local Dachshund clubs in your area, and ask for recommendations. Clubs are a great resource for finding reputable breeders who have a passion for the breed and adhere to the highest standards of breeding.
Attend dog shows and events in your area. This is a great opportunity to meet breeders in person, ask questions, and observe their dogs.
Once you have identified a potential breeder, visit their premises to see the living conditions of the puppies and their parents. This is a crucial step in ensuring a responsible and trustworthy breeding environment.
Ask relevant questions about the breeder’s experience, breeding practices, and health screening processes. A responsible breeder should be transparent and willing to answer your questions.
Remember to take your time when searching for AKC Dachshund breeders. A reputable breeder is committed to producing healthy, well-socialized puppies and will have a waitlist for their litters. Finding the right puppy may take time, but the reward of bringing home a happy and healthy Dachshund is priceless.

dachshund puppies for sale

Top Dachshund Breeders in California

If you’re looking for a Dachshund puppy in California, you’re in the right place. We’ve compiled a list of some of the top Dachshund breeders in the Golden State, known for their exceptional breeding practices and healthy, happy puppies.

Breeder Location Contact

Sunshine Dachshunds San Diego, CA
Dachshund Dynasty Sacramento, CA
Klein Sandfontein Dachshunds San Francisco, CA
Dachshund Haven Los Angeles, CA
Ash’s Mystical Poodles and Dachshunds Bakersfield, CA
Sunshine Dachshunds, based in San Diego, is one of the top breeders in the state, raising beautiful and healthy Dachshund puppies with adorable personalities. They are dedicated to breeding purebred Dachshunds that meet the AKC breed standards and provide their customers with a lifetime of support and guidance.

Dachshund Dynasty is another reputable breeder that specializes in miniature and standard Dachshunds. Their puppies are raised in a loving home environment, and they conduct proper health screenings to ensure the best possible start for their puppies.

Klein Sandfontein Dachshunds is a San Francisco-based breeder that has been raising Dachshunds for over 13 years. Their dogs are bred for health, temperament, and conformation, and they offer a two-year health guarantee with their puppies.

Dachshund Haven is a Los Angeles-based breeder that is focused on producing well-rounded, healthy, and happy Dachshund puppies. They offer a range of coat types and colors and provide their customers with lifetime support and guidance.

Ash’s Mystical Poodles and Dachshunds is a breeder based in Bakersfield that has been raising Dachshunds for over 25 years. They are dedicated to breeding healthy, well-socialized puppies with sound temperaments and offer a lifetime health guarantee with their puppies.

Top Dachshund Breeders in California Image

If you’re looking for a Dachshund puppy in California, we hope this list has given you a starting point in your search. Remember to always do your research, visit potential breeders, and ask for references to ensure you find a reputable and responsible breeder for your future furry friend.


As professional copywriting journalists, we understand that finding the perfect AKC Dachshund puppy can be a daunting task. That’s why we’ve provided this comprehensive guide to help you navigate the process and find a reputable breeder with ease.

Remember, choosing an AKC registered Dachshund breeder is crucial as it ensures your puppy’s health, genetics, and socialization. By following our guide and visiting multiple breeders, you can feel confident in making an informed decision and bringing home your perfect Dachshund companion.

Happy Puppy Hunting!

Q: What is an AKC Dachshund breeder?

A: An AKC Dachshund breeder refers to a breeder who is registered with the American Kennel Club (AKC) and specializes in breeding Dachshund dogs. These breeders adhere to the AKC’s breeding standards and guidelines.

Q: Why should I choose an AKC registered Dachshund breeder?

A: Choosing an AKC registered Dachshund breeder ensures that the breeder follows responsible breeding practices and meets certain health and genetic testing requirements. It also provides assurance that the Dachshund puppy you are getting comes from a reputable source.

Q: How can I find the best AKC Dachshund breeders?

A: To find the best AKC Dachshund breeders, you can start by researching online directories that list registered breeders. You can also reach out to local Dachshund clubs for recommendations. Attending dog shows and events is another way to meet breeders and see their dogs in person. It’s important to visit the breeder’s premises, meet the parents of the puppies, and ask relevant questions to ensure they maintain a responsible breeding environment.

Q: Are there any top Dachshund breeders in [Location]?

A: Yes, there are top Dachshund breeders in [Location]. In our article, we will showcase a selection of these breeders and provide brief profiles highlighting their experience, reputation, and notable achievements. This will give you a starting point in your search for a Dachshund puppy in [Location].

akc dachshund breeders
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akc dachshund breeders, We breed and offer miniature Dachshund puppies. AKC Registered & Health tested Dachshunds. Shop Now

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